eReset - fix firmware reset printer 100% toner

fix firmware reset printers 100% toner

Reset Samsung CLP 320 325 N W K

To create fix firmware reset for printers Samsung
CLP-320 CLP-325 N / W / K  necessary to know
printer serie (SN)    CRUM serie   and  firmware version

This information can be found by printing the reports of the printer:
Configuration    si Supplies Information

~ 3 seconds STOP / CLEAR until the LED starts blinking – print configuration report
~ 8 seconds STOP / CLEAR until light stabilizes – print report supplies information

In the 2nd part ( min 3:12 ) can see 
– How simple it is to install fix firmware reset  sent by us
– Working cartridge without chip (covered with tape or taken out)
– Counters reset to 100% after each stop/ start the printer

After reset is  necessary only refill toner cartridge.
Reset procedure will cancel all 4 chips from cartridge and also  chip from image unit DRUM.

Video refill cartridge CTL-406

N / W / K

Firmware version available to reset remotely 

all firmware version until 
v1.20.01.46 (inclusiv)
 14EUR / 15,4$

How to order fix firmware reset ?
Place quick order!
Discount % % % !

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