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fix firmware reset printers 100% toner

Online payment

1. To start making online payment
Click PAY ONLINE! – >>>
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   2. Set amount, click pay [Plateste] button !

  Online payment
– easy 
– safe 
– simple
– comission 0 (zero)

3. Complete data on the card, and click  [Pay in safe button]

– no time wasted at the counter
– online payment service
operation is extremely simple

– does not require special knowledge                                                                     

   4. Complete contact information (phone, email) and address /data billing  . Click [Validate] button


  5. The payment was completed!
We return to the specified email address with fix firmware reset !

1. What is mobilpay ™?
mobilpay ™ is a safe and easy payment service that helps to shop online without being forced to expose your credit card information or bank of any third party, including mobilpay ™.
2 Why is safe mobilpay ™?
Technical infrastructure is made on the most secure and modern technology on the market. Secure transactions through credit / debit most effective encryption system on the market, we do not store nor send any information about your card to the merchant's site.
3 How does it work mobilpay ™?
When you buy online, click on the logo mobilpay ™. Select how you want to pay and follow the instructions.
4. I must create account on mobilpay ™?
No, you do not need to make an account on mobilpay ™ to buy the mobilpay ™. But we recommend you create a customer account to a number of facilities such as the option of canceling payment, history of transactions performed, etc.
5. Is there a fee for using mobilpay ™?
No, there is no fee for you, as buyer.
6 How do I know this system is secure?
Regardless of the payment method you use to buy the mobilpay ™, the transaction is secure. Make sure the following items are displayed in the payment page: · Padlock for secure connection · https: // in the address bar.
7 I’m a buyer: how should I login?
You do not need to log in to buy paying with mobilpay ™.