eReset - fix firmware reset printer 100% toner

fix firmware reset printers 100% toner

Fix firmware reset



Reset your printer to reduce printing costs up to 85%  !!!

After reset:
– the cartridges work without chip. 
– costs are minimal, is only necessary to refill toner 
– cartridge that comes with the printer (starter) can be refilled and used. 
– allows use  compatible cartridges  50 ⇔ 60% cheaper. 
– keep warranty – can return to the factory  situation (with chip),
by loading original firmware (sent with firmware reset)

Reset firmware –  change the basic software (firmware) of the internal memory of the printer with another software that will recognize the cartridge as being full, by resetting the internal counters permanently (toner remaining).

Reset operation is as simple as running a program (firmware created by series printer, the only way to guarantee a successfully reset), and 5-10 minutes is complet loaded inside printer. 

No need  get to our office to reset.  Not require mechanical intervention in the printer. 
This operation you can do yourself, guided by us
(we send in mail written instructions + video , optional remote access via team viewer)
Operating System XP, Vista, W7, W8 , W10/ 32bit, 64bit

Recommended reset be performed before the end of life chip, because to creating program reset is required
to print 2 pages with printer series.


How to order the program (firmware fix) reset in 3 simple steps?

1A.  Place quick order here !
1B. Send  to us on email >  printer series (written correctly) or  reports (scanned/picture)
2. CRUM series    from page Supplies information*
Optional :    A phone number where you can be contacted for any other details.
* Printing  reports configuration  & supplies information, select your printer model here 
2. We check series / reports and confirm that everything is ok > > > 
Payment method >>>
 – Paypal   > How to make a payment using PayPal <
– Western UnionMoneygram – International money Transfer
– Bank transfer (wire transfer SWIFT / BIC – ask for details)
–  > Online payment with card <
3. After payment , you will receive via email:
1.  Detailed instructions about reset operation, writing and video.
2. Program reset (fix firmware)
3. Original firmware*

* Original firmware, necessary to keep the warranty ;  the original firmware is loaded and the printer returns to the situation before reset (with chip).  After returning from the guarantee reload firmware reset, and will continue printing without chip

New Access to OnlineGenerator** available for automatic generation firmware fix 24/7 + special prices
**Available for collaborators/services

To reset several printers (eg 20 pieces) in a set interval (eg one week) prices can be negotiated!

You can write/ call us on    or   Whataspp  +40764007363 


eReset forum available for discussion, we will reply as soon as possible.
Reset multiple printers (collaborators) Xpress SL M  series  we offer up to 20% discount !

Time to create firmware reset (firmware fix): 10 min ≤ 1h
For a guaranteed reset  contact us !

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