eReset - fix firmware reset printer 100% toner

fix firmware reset printers 100% toner

Fix firmware reset service

Available for reset in service:
– printers that do not allow remote reset (via USB cable)
– printers with certain errors (do not allow loading original firmware)

For reset in service it is necessary to send the motherboard or printer (depending on the model)  to us in service
The order will be honored in 12-48 hours (depending on the model) from the receipt of the package.
Shipping cost is paid by the customer


Cost downgrade + reset SPI memory : 22-30 EUR *
Cost downgrade + reset NAND memory : 30EUR – 55EUR *
Cost downgrade + reset NOR  memory : 45 EUR*
 The price depends on the printer model. Detailed price list here

Printers that have  SPI memory
ML-2160W/2165W ,SCX-3200/3205 , SCX-3400/3405/3407 , SCX-3405W , SCX-3405F/3400F
SCX-4650N , SCX-472x , CLP-360/365 , CLP-360W/365W , SL C410/410W

Printers that have NAND memory  (48pins)
CLP-680, CLX-3300/3305 , CLX-4190/4195 ,  CLX-6260 , SL C460/460F/460W/460FW
Xerox B205, B210, B215

Printers that have NOR (56pini) memory


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