eReset - fix firmware reset printer 100% toner

fix firmware reset printers 100% toner

Firmware version v xx.xx.02.xx En

Available for reset in service:
– Printers which can not be remotely reset
[with firmware version 02.xx and 03.xx termination ( example v3.01.02.00 / xx.xx.03.15)]
– Printers with some errors (do not allow the original firmware loading)

The only way to reset it is debug motherboard – downgrade firmware to a version wich can be reset (eg v3.00.01.19); operation which requires sending motherboard to us  in service to disassembly and connect the SPI / NAND memory on programmer.

Service time: 1-3 days (depending on the printer model)

Downgrade software SOP8 memory + reset : Cost 21EUR
ML-2165W , SCX-3200/3205, SCX-3400/3405/3407 W   F/FW,  SF-760

SCX-4650N , SCX-472x , CLP-360/365 , CLP-360W/365W,  SL C410/ C410W

Price downgrade  NAND + reset   :Cost  31-55 EUR (depending on printer model)
CLP 680 CLX-3300/3305 , CLX-4190/4195,  CLX-6260, C460/460F/460W/460FW,  Xerox B215

Price downgrade  NOR + reset   :Cost  45 EUR 

+ shipping cost 5 EUR  (with tracking number)

** ML-2160, ML-2164 – can not be solved  on programmer!

More details downgrade SPI memory  SCX-3405 V3.01.02.00 

Configuration report

Disconnect cables / connectors

SPI memory  Locates SPI memory

Extract SPI memory

  Put in adaptor

  Connect programmer

Select memory W25Q32BV

  Read memory

Save backup

U6imM.jpg  Upload ready dump downgrade

SW3.jpg  Programming

S3iya.jpg  Sold memory

rERY0.jpg Connect the cables

ne2vZ.jpgProof downgrade v3.00.01.19

14iOK.jpg  Reset 100%