eReset - fix firmware reset printer 100% toner

fix firmware reset printers 100% toner

Chip Memory SOP8 25Q32 25Q64 25Q128 RESET

Available now for sale SOP8 Winbond Memory Chip
written by us with firmware version that can be reset remotely.
Available for printers   Hp Laser 107Hp Laser 135Hp Laser 137

The package contains
+ Chip Memory SOP8 25Q32 / 25Q64 / 25Q128 sentby Post
+ printer reset program (created according to the printer series) sent by email
+ dedicated telephone support
 Price 21 EUR / 25,4$

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5 %  discount 2x Chip Memory SOP8+ reset
10% discount 3x Chip Memory SOP8+ reset
15% discount 4x Chip Memory SOP8+ reset
20% discount 5x Chip Memory SOP8+ reset


Recommended for services or technical people who have welded / re-welded other memories
and have a hot air welding machine or soldering gun