eReset - fix firmware reset printer 100% toner

fix firmware reset printers 100% toner

Reset Samsung Xpress SL M2022 M2024 M2028 – Easy Way

Anulare cip Samsung Xpress SL M2022 M2022W M2024 M2028
Program resoftare (fix firmware reset) – pentru eliminarea necesitatii cipului aflat pe cartus
Disponibil acum intr-o forma simpla (Easy Way) de incarcare a programului in imprimanta, fara limita de timp,
fara internet explore; doar double-click pe arhiva download_1 si download_2 dupa cum se poate observa in video de mai jos.
Dupa resoftare costurile de imprimare sunt reduse cu pana la 85% deoarece este necesara doar reumplerea cartusului cu toner (praf)
Video reumplere cartus MLT-D111, dezasamblare, curatare aici !!

Detalii resoftare


Reset chip Samsung Xpress SL M2022 M2022W Xpress SL M2024 M2028
Fixed firmware reset – eliminating the need for chip found on the cartridge
Available now in a simple form (Easy Way) for loading the program into the printer, without time limit,
without explore the internet ; Just double-click on the archive and download_1 download_2 as can be seen in the video above.
After reset printing costs are reduced by up to 85% because it only requires refilling toner cartridge
Video refill cartridge MLT-D111, disassembly, cleaning here !!

Reset details

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