eReset - fix firmware reset printer 100% toner

fix firmware reset printers 100% toner

Xerox Phaser 3020

To create fix firmware reset Xerox Phaser 3020 

necessary to know  printer series (SN)   CRUM serie  and firmware version

This information can be found by printing the reports of the printer:
Configuration  and Supplies Information

Option A
1. Hold the button PRINT SCREEN / WPS (above the power button) for about 10 seconds until the LED flashes once then leave.

Print configuration report which appears SERIAL NUMBER and VERSION FIRMWARE
2. Hold button again PRINT SCREEN / WPS for approximately 15 seconds until the LED stay green, then leave.
Print Supplies Information which appears CRUM series

Option B
Second part on this video( 02:26 – 03:39 ) can see how to print report using  Easy Printer Manager program

It is recommended that the reset is performed before the chip error (toner low – 0%) occurs,
because once it reaches 0% it will no longer allow you to print the reports.

Option C
For Xerox 3020 printers that do NOT allow print reports, because the chip reached 0%.
1. Connect the printer to the usb

2. Access (copy&paste) link  on Internet Explorer browser
(only with Internet Explorer works)

A program will open that displays the printer series on your computer screen!

Install fix firmware reset 


After reset is  necessary just  refill toner cartridge
Video refill  cartridge 106R02773 / 106R3048

Firmware version available to reset

Price:  17 EUR / 19,2$
13 EUR / 15,4$ 
18EUR /20,3$ 


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