eReset - fix firmware reset printer 100% toner

fix firmware reset printers 100% toner

Xpress SL M2020w M2026w

To create fix firmware reset for Samsung Xpress
SL M2020 / M2023 / M2024 /M2026 / M2027 / M2029 

Advantages reset:
– the printer does not consider limiting the chip to 1000 pages!
– the investment is long term and worth it because the reset is made only once and is permanent (forever)!
– allows refilling of the original cartridges (fully loaded one cartridge allows printing about 2000 pages)
– allows the use of compatible cartridges MLT-D111 and MLT-D101 (which are cheaper)
– printers counters will always display 100%
– the guarantee is kept, because together with the reset program (fixed firmware reset),
we also offer original firmware needed in case of appeal to the guarantee







After reset the printer will no longer account for limiting chip 1000 pages.
Full loaded a cartridge MLT-D111 enables printing approx. 2000 pages!
Video recharge, disassembly, cleaning cartridge MLT-D111

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